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Informations during edit of technical sheet/fiche

If an elements’ line contains a formal (syntactic) error, which is due to the score is not calculated in the queue, the program displays an auxiliary message  to make easier to find the syntax error.

For example, a fault-free line looks like this:

Example: Correct row.

Example: Correct row.

The same still unfinished elemnt’ line might look like the following one:

Example: Incorrect row.

Example: Incorrect row.

The message, of course, depends on what type of combination we are writing.

Linkable image creation

This feature available only for our registered demo(free) users!

What you can do with this function?

  • The image is stored on -> you don’t have to bother about uploading pictures!
  • This link can be directly integrated into various forums (eg click here), making it avalaible for professional communication.

How does it work?

1) Click on the banner the create a link button:

1.) Linkelhető kép készítése

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