Useful keyboard shortcuts:

ENTER Insert a new line
Shift+ENTER Insert line break without inserting new line
S Insert Dance Steps Combination
M Insert Mastery „M
R Insert „R
( or ) Insert left or right parenthesis
+ Insert „+” for Mutiple or Mix combination
Numbers 1 to 9 To enter the index with the and Rotation Difficulties

Navigate within technical sheet

LEFT Move the cursor to the left
RIGHT Move the cursor to the right
UP Move the cursor up
DOWN Move the cursor down
HOME Skip to the top of the line
END Skip to end of line
Ctrl+HOME Skip to top of the scoring sheet
Ctrl+END Skip to end of the scoring sheet

Select technical items

Shift+LEFT Extend selection one character to the left
Shift+RIGHT Extend selection one character to the right

Extend selection one line up


Extend selection one line down

Shift+END Extend selection to the end of line
Shift+HOME Extend selection to beginning of line
Shift+Ctrl+HOME Extend selection to beginning
Shift+Ctrl+END Extend selection to end


Backspace Delete one character to the left (or delete selection)
DEL Delete one character to the right (or delete selection)
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action
Ctrl+C Copy selected technical item(s)
Ctrl+X Cut selected technical item(s)
Ctrl+LEFT Move left one selected technical item
Ctrl+RIGHT Move right one selected technical item